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I loved this show
#OnThisDay 2004: The Smoking Room was first broadcast, on BBC Three. The show was stubbed out in 2007, when the smoking ban came into effect in England.

"Beware those men, the jokers and the tricksters and the clowns. They will laugh us into Hell.” - Years and Years was one of the best dramas I've seen in years and years
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I have held the belief that FB is a virtual country headed by a dictator for some time now, and it's decision to launch a cryptocurrency has only reinforced that belief. Good to see someone else agrees. #cryptocurrency #libre #facebook
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I'm going down the crypto rabbit hole. I've always thought that it was a bit of a tulip mania thing but a lot of the tokens that I've been checking out seem to have really good ideas supporting them #cryptocurrency
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I genuinely can't believe that more people arn't talking about this. The only way to stop Facebook's monopoly is to open it up.

“These people are not the enemy of society. Nor are they without skills, experience of work, qualifications, opinions, ideas, talent, worth... they’re just poor.”

mo buachaill galánta ar eachtra samhradh

Seachtain seo throid muid dlíodóirí beirt agus bhain muid.

ag amharc Predetor 2: "It's not about money, it's about powahh!!"

Tá Facebook síos :D

Tá mo croí i an 90s. Is taibhse mé agus tá mé ag siúl sa domhan
ní thuigim


is the four day week coming? I hope so!

Ní amhrán is fearr liom agam bliain seo, ach mo banna ceol is fearr liom bliain seo tá Queen agus Chas and Dave. Tá mé sean :/ #gaeilge

YouTube: Chas and Dave - Margate (1982) (Chas and Dave Videos)

Ba mhaith liom 'Smart mirror', do an seomra folctha ach ní féidir liom é a fháil ar líne #gaeilge

Nollaig shona dhaoibh ó Chris, Joanne agus Jude. Ith, òl agus a bheith sásta inniu!

Uggh, I'm dosed